A Day in Marseille

Port of Marseille

Port of Marseille, France

Two years ago I went on a Mediterranean Cruise that took my family and I to Palermo, Barcelona, Tunisia, Portofino, and Marseille. I absolutely loved the cruise but the one place that I did not enjoy and would not go back is Marseille, France. My family and I may have just experienced a bad day there and now have a biased view, but nothing good came from our day in Marseille.

The day started off by hailing a cab at the Port to take us in into the city. There was five of us all together which included me, my mom, my dad, my brother, and his fiancé. We all get into the cab thinking nothing of it. The cab driver drives us a couple miles and then all of a sudden stops and tells us we have to get out and walk the rest of the way to the Port of Marseille. He goes on to tell us that if a cop would see that he has five of us, which is one past his capacity limit, that he would get fined. At this moment, my dad was not a happy camper and proceeds to tell him that if he knew this that we would have got into two separate cabs or tried for a larger one.

We all get out of the cab and just walk the rest of the way. My dad had booked us tickets for a hop-on hop-off bus so we go to find the bus. Come to find out, they only have one hop-on hop-off bus and it takes an hour to get from one stop to the next. We take the bus to the Notre Dame of Marseille. My brother and I get excited to go see it because we have it confused with the one in Paris, and think this one is the famous Notre Dame. We get there and realize we were wrong. The Notre Dame of Marseille is definitely not the famous Notre Dame but it sits on top of the highest hill in Marseille and has some breathtaking views. We were disappointed to find out it was not what we thought it was but did manage to take some amazing pictures.

coast line

A view of Monte Cristo in the background

notre dame

A random man posing in my photo of the Notre Dame of Marseille

notre dame 2

Notre Dame of Marseille

marseille me notre dameAfter about an hour of touring the Notre Dame we go back to get the bus. We must have missed it because we had to wait about 45 minutes to an hour to catch it. The wait was so long in between spots that we had to make the choice to not tour anything else so we could make it back to our ship in time. Marseille should definitely think about getting more buses for the tours so they are not having hour intervals between touring destinations.

We ended our day at a little café at the Port. All I remember of the food is that I got a cheese sandwich and it tasted and smelled like feet. Needless to say we hit the buffet on the ship and fed our faces as soon as we walked back on.

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