Favorite Destinations: A Day in Barcelona

By the Port, just arrived off the cruise ship

By the Port, just arrived off the cruise ship

The same Mediterranean Cruise that took my family and I to the beautiful Portofino, Italy also took us to Barcelona, Spain! I can tell you right now that a day in Barcelona is not enough, but my family and I made it work. My best tip for anyone with a short amount of time in this city is to take the hop-on hop-off bus! It takes you to the most important sites and attractions. Here is my list of must sees and dos of Barcelona:

1. Go see La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is Barcelona’s most popular tourist attraction and  architect Antoni Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece. This cathedral has been under construction for over 100 years and most likely still will be for another decade. It is definitely one of the most beautiful cathedrals I have ever seen even unfinished. The design and architecture on this cathedral is just out of this world. Below are some of my pictures of the cathedral, but it is something that you must also see in person to get in every little detail of this amazing architecture.

Italia 212 Italia 213 Italia 217 Italia 215

2. Barcelona Cathedral (Gothic Cathedral)

Another great cathedral to see is The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eutalia aka Barcelona Cathedral. As you can see Barcelona is known for its amazing architecture and buildings, and this cathedral is another great example.

Italia 199 Italia 201

 3. FC Barcelona

If you are a big soccer fan you will definitely want to check out the FC Barcelona Stadium. FC Barcelona is the most successful club in Spain and home of one of the best players in the world, Lionel Messi. Even if they do not have a game that day it is fun to go to in hopes of spotting a player or catching a practice.

Italia 209 Italia 208








4. Walk around by foot and just admire all the amazing architecture

These pictures below are all the buildings and structures I was just in awe over. Barcelona architects surely do get quite intricate in their designs and I believe that is what makes this city so beautiful and amazing.


Italia 191 Italia 193 Italia 184 Italia 180 Italia 175 Italia 173

5. Last but not least, taste the food

Barcelona is known for Catalan Cuisine, which is high quality seafood from Catalunya. My family and I started out with tapas (little appetizers) and we got fried calamari and patatas bravas. I really enjoyed the calamari due to how freaking large it was! I’ve never had calamari that big before! The patatas bravas were my favorite though, and I always go to a Spanish Tapas restaurant at home now just to get them! Patatas bravas are basically roasted potatoes in an alioli sauce, and are just absolutely amazing to me :). For dinner my family got traditional seafood paella, but I decided on the seafood paella made with noodles. It was absolutely delicious! If you go to Barcelona you must try their traditional food!

Seafood Paella made with noodles

Seafood Paella made with noodles

Tapas: Potatas Bravas and Fried Calamari

Tapas: Potatas Bravas and Fried Calamari

















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